Antifa members are taught how to gouge out eyes while ‘destroying your enemy’

Antifa teaches vicious tactics such as eye gouging

An undercover video has revealed that Antifa, the far-left extremist group said to be driving violence and destruction in the latest left-wing rioting tearing up U.S. cities, is bent on maiming and “destroying your enemy” rather than making a point or seeking justice or even “change.”

According to a recent undercover video released by Project Veritas and reported by FOX News, which specializes in exposing the corruption and lawlessness behind leftist causes, Antifa teaches tactics like eye-gouging and is structured “almost like a company” in order to incite violence across a wide area and “destroy” enemies while remaining anonymous.

Antifa has been linked to violent protests that have erupted around the country in the wake of George Floyd’s death in police custody. President Trump has suggested designating the group a terrorist organization, and Project Veritas published what is billed as “a video exposing the violent nature of the controversial group” after recent events.

“I’ve been undercover with Rose City Antifa… depending on the setting, if I were to be caught or found out in a setting where I am present with them, it could escalate to violence against me,” a Project Veritas undercover journalist, who says he is no longer embedded in Antifa, said to begin the tape.

The video then shows what is claimed to be undercover video of an Antifa member identified as Nicholas Cifuni telling others how to do maximum harm: 

“Practice things like an eye gouge, it takes very little pressure to injure someone’s eyes,” the man identified as Cifuni says. “Consider, like, destroying your enemy, not, like, delivering a really awesome right hand, right eye, left eye blow, you know? It’s not boxing, it’s not kickboxing, it’s, like, destroying your enemy.”


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