Antifa threatens to burn down theater. Event is then canceled.

After receiving threats from Antifa, Broadway Theater canceled an upcoming event on racism, violence and authoritarianism

A South N.J. theater has canceled a debate on “violence” after Antifa threatened to burn the building down. The radical-leftist group claimed the debate was being hosted by “some well-known fascists and their sympathizers.”

Organizers of the debate, called “Minds New Jersey,” said the purpose of the 20-speaker event was to end “racism, violence and authoritarianism.” The August 31 conference was to be held at the nearly century-old Broadway Theatre in Pitman.

Antifa, however, claimed the debate was full of speakers “who should not be lecturing anyone on how we should ‘see the humanity in us all.’”

The far-left group, which President Donald Trump is considering labeling as a domestic terrorist organization, had already hacked into the hosting theater’s official Twitter account and promised to occupy it until it canceled the event.

An Antifa member also suggested “locking them in and lighting a fire.”

Darrell Blood, the theater’s business manager, explained the cancellation as a mutual decision between the theater and Minds New Jersey.

“We had a discussion with the event organizer over the weekend,” Blood said on Tuesday. “It was mutually decided that the Broadway Theatre would no longer hold the event.”



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