AOC, Media Attendance Comments Countered by Crowd Photo

Fake news? Much wrangling by leftist media and the typical talking heads of socialist persuasion criticized President Donald Trump for his Independence Day emphasis this year that included U.S. Navy and Air Force fly-overs, tanks and parade bands, and his own keynote speech, as if poorly attended and politically motivated. Motivations aside, photos indicate a capacity crowd enjoying the day. (Press photo)

Neon Nettle – Democratic socialist Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez said President Donald Trump wasted money on the “poorly attended” Independence Day parade. But with most things AOC says, the facts are usually a lot different.

“Trump spent millions on a poorly attended, one-day parade days after saying he couldn’t afford toothpaste & soap for caged children,” she tweeted. “Did he ask Congress for military parade [money]? No.”

“Trump held these kids hostage to secure billions for their abusers. Congress needs to see that,” she added. The basis of Ocasio-Cortez’s argument seems to be on the premise that the American people did not want Trump’s “Salute to America” event to happen.

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