Ariz. school board president accused of gathering SS numbers, other info on ‘wacko’ parents opposed to CRT

Jann-Michael Greenburg

An Arizona school board president appears to have added something new to his duties: keeping an online dossier of private and personal information about parents deemed overly concerned about their children, and who question school board policies.

Scottsdale Unified School District Government Board President Jann-Michael Greenburg is being accused of secretly amassing personal information about parents who are against mask mandates and Critical Race Theory. Only he didn’t have the technical know-how to actually keep it secret.

Instead, the Google Drive trove was unmasked when he accidentally showed the link in a screenshot he sent to a parent in an email exchange. Included in the directory were files with names like “Press Conference Psychos,” “SUSD Wackos” and “Anti Mask Lunatics.”

The collection of files was available for anyone with a link to view, and included Social Security numbers, financial information and even divorce records.

The discovery has sparked a storm of calls for Greenburg to resign, AZ Free News reports.

It is the latest example of progressive school officials running afoul of parents who don’t want their children indoctrinated into homosexuality, hatred of the United States, reverse racism against whites and tyrannical mandates stemming from COVID.

The dossier came to light in August when Jann-Michael Greenburg apparently sent a screenshot of a Facebook exchange to resident Kim Stafford, accusing her of being anti-Jewish.

Stafford dismissed the accusation, but noticed that a Google Drive address was visible at the top of the screenshot. She entered that address in a browser and discovered a cloud drive that was fully accessible.


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