Arizona schools chief accused of sexually radicalizing kids

Arizona House Speaker Rusty Bowers says Arizona Superintendent, Katy Hoffman, is sexually radicalizing children . (Photo: Tom Tingle/The Republic)

Kathy Hoffman, Planned Parenthood and Arizona Superintendent of Public Instruction, was recently criticized by Republican state Sen. Sylvia Allen and Republican House Speaker Rusty Bowers for supporting sex education in various schools. 

Bowers thrashed the misguided Hoffman and Planned Parenthood for radicalizing children. He stated that the organization had developed the business plan for hell, where they sexualize millions of children to investigate their sexuality, only to suffer from sexually transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancies that required money for treatments. 

The remarks were made by Bowers at a Gilbert event where Allen was also requested to speak. Allen while speaking directly to parents stated that if the changes in Arizona legislature continued, there would soon come a time when these programs would be mandatory and parents’ rights would be quickly gone. 

She iterated to know this for a fact because of the bills held by her committee that came from the Democrats’ side. 

The controversial Hoffman lashed back at Bowers stating that he was using propaganda and fear tactics to mobilize his base and by using children as a means to his end, he was essentially weaponizing their innocence. 

She asked parents to not be fooled by these tactics employed by Bowers and Allen proclaiming the statements to keep parents uninformed in a bid to retain their support. 

Many people believe that people like Kathy Hoffman have no business even talking to children.


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