As House Liberals Plan Attacks on Gun Rights, Senate Forms Resistance

Prior warnings are proving accurate as true-to-form, the new liberal leadership of the House of Representatives is pronouncing draconian infringements of Second Amendment rights. A larger conservative presence in the Senate presents a roadblock to those plans, however. (Facebook illustration)

Daily Mail – Democrats could make the biggest changes to gun legislation the United States has seen in 25 years when the new term begins January, but Republicans are unlikely to make it easy for them. A fresh wave of politicians will enter the House next year, after the Democratic party took it back in Tuesday’s elections.

The GOP¬†still control the Senate which passes federal laws. However with the Thousand Oaks, California mass shooting where 12 people died just the day after the midterms, politicians have suggested they’ll be aggressively pursuing action to enforce tougher gun control.

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