As usual, gays are more victimized by epidemic than the rest of us

More than 50 years after the Stonewall uprising, LGBTQ Americans are still are a greater risk of ... [+] GETTY IMAGES

Don’t forget that in times of victimhood, like disease epidemics and the resulting government-imposed hardships, homosexuals are still way, way more victimized than you.

Just as it was recently reported that gay bars are being especially victimized by the coronavirus outbreak, Forbes now reports that members of the “Queer Community” face a slew of additional fiscal challenges thanks in part to the pandemic.

The Human Rights Campaign Foundation (HRC) recently published a study highlighting the economic toll on LGBTQ people from the coronavirus. COVID-19 is devastating the health of some Americans but the finances of millions upon millions more.   

In the United States there are approximately 14 million LGBTQ adults, with another 2 million gay youth, according to the HRC. The group’s study showed that more than 5 million LGBT workers had jobs that are more likely to be impacted by COVID-19. Most specifically, those were jobs in the restaurant and food services, hospital, education and retail.

Forty percent of all LGBTQ people work in the five industries most affected by the pandemic. By comparison, only 22 percent of heterosexual people work in those industries. While most of us may be at risk of seeing income drop during the current economic shutdown, some are more likely to be laid off or see their incomes vanish entirely. This is the effect on gay workers.


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