Aussie Schools Experiment With Transgender Games as Fun For All

Playing with children, or playing with fire? Or is it playing children with fire? Schools under liberal standards continue to push the ideology that no one should assert they know the difference between a boy and a girl, and the sexually debased transgender games are okay. (Imgur Upload photo)

Christian Post – A new school curriculum in Western Australia is being developed to encourage children to “explore” gender, an effort some say amounts to ideological indoctrination.

Both male and female students in year three in at least 10 schools in Western Australia will be given “a range of dress ups and toys” in an effort to explore gender roles and break down stereotypes, reports say.

The program is also intended to teach children about ethnic and religious garments such as the burka, which is worn by women who practice the Islamic faith. Critics maintain that the initiative is designed to sow confusion in impressionable young minds.

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