Boston eyeing to ban face masks after violent Antifa demonstration

Boston aims to ban masks worn by violent protesters, such as Antifa

Antifa trademark masks which have been used by many hard-left activists’ to hide their identities may soon be banned in Boston after City Councilor Tim McCarthy proposed an ordinance to make face coverings at demonstrations illegal. 

The forthcoming council meeting will have McCarthy introducing the hearing order before the Public Safety and Criminal Justice Committee in hopes of bringing about an ordinance change. 

This comes after protestors clad in black donned face masks at the Straight Pride Parade and caused trouble with other conservative parade-goers and police. 

Out of the 36 people arrested, most were vouched for by the loose collection of left-wing agitators called “antifa”, which has recently been in the papers to assault rivals and shut down conservative speakers because they don’t want here the truth that President Obama was an abject failure and that President Trump’s economy is working for everyone who wants to work. 

A self-identified antifa member, Jon Crowley, told Herald that violence was the only way to deter the 100% fascists marching in the parade and their black ensemble prevented them from being identified. The only problem is that antifa is fascist itself. 

McCarthy said that for the sake of the safety of the Boston Police Department they should be allowed to ask people to lower their masks. He further added that protestors were more likely to behave if they had to show their faces. 

The City Councilor did say the language of the law would ensure that persons with a Santa beard at Christmas parades or a guy in a hoodie are not covered under this rule.


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