Bandwagon Builds for More Gay Representation on Children’s TV

The Bravest Knight is an animated children's program that features a homosexual couple on Hulu.

According to the Associate Press, the momentum for more gay television fare being directed toward children programming is building.

Wilson Cruz, a gay co-star in a new Hulu animated children’s series, tells AP he thinks it’s a good idea, something he wished he had while growing up in Minneapolis.

Cruz plays a father who is married to another man in the Hulu animated series, “The Bravest Knight.” Hulu describes the program as an “LGBTQ-Positive Children’s Series” that stars RuPaul.

The show is all about “love,” says Cruz.

“We’re not explaining homosexuality, or same-gender sexuality. We’re talking about the love of a family.”

Even more gay television programming targeting children should be expected, said Zeke Stokes, the chief programs officer for the pro-gay lobbying group, GLADD.

The inclusion of gay (and non-binary) characters into children TV fare is being made easier by the large “number of LGBTQ writers and producers (who) have made their way into positions of influence,” Stokes said.

“What we’ve said to them all along is that we will lock arms with you and will make sure that you hear from the families who are being impacted by this in a positive way,” Stokes told the AP.


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