Banned from waving Betsy Ross flag at soccer games

Real Salt Lake said in a statement that they didn't want the Betsy Ross flag flying at the stadium because it had recently become a symbol of hate groups. Pictured above is the flag posted on the side of the Betsy Ross House in Philadelphia

DailyMail. A Utah couple say they have been banned from waving a Betsy Ross flag at Major League Soccer games because the team considered it a ‘symbol for hate groups’. 

Randolf and Diana Scott, who are season ticket holders for the Real Salt Lake team, said they were asked to take down their Betsy Ross flag during a recent home game match.

They claim staff at Rio Tinto Stadium in Sandy told them they would be kicked out if they didn’t put away the Revolutionary War-era U.S. flag with 13 white stars in a circle.

Randolf regularly paints his mohawk like an American flag and stands near the pitch wearing his Real Salt Lake merchandise. 

He usually waves an American flag at games but faced immediate backlash when he took his Betsy Ross flag, which is named after the Philadelphia woman credited with designing the symbol, last month. 

Diana bought it for me actually because my other flag was kind of old and falling apart,’ Randolf told Fox 13

The complaints from other fans escalated last weekend and staff asked the couple to take the flag down. 

‘They kept telling us if he wasn’t going to take it down, we were going to be rejected from the game,’ Diana said. 

The couple initially refused to take down the flag. 

They eventually put it away when staff said they risked being thrown out of the stadium. 

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