Bethany Christian Services Sells Out, Caves to the LGBTQ Agenda

Bethany Christian Services is one of the largest adoption agencies in America, and they are now committed to placing children in the homes of sexually deviant persons such as homosexuals, so-called "transgenders" and other sexually disoriented adults. (Bethany photo)

The Christian Post – Bethany Christian Services, a global nonprofit adoption agency based in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and sued for refusing to work with same-sex couples, announced that it will place children with LGBT families as part of a settlement with the state.

The agency insists that its beliefs have not changed. “Bethany will continue operations in Michigan, in compliance with our legal contract requirements,” the agency said in a statement.

“The mission and beliefs of Bethany Christian Services have not changed. We are focused on demonstrating the love of Jesus Christ by serving children in need, and we intend to continue doing so in Michigan.”

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