Biden Administration’s Invasion of Privacy: Census Bureau to Probe into Americans’ Sex Lives

The U.S. Census Bureau has approached the Biden administration with a request to ask questions related to sexual orientation and gender identity. Illustration by Midjourney

In what can only be described as the latest in a long line of overreaches by the Biden administration, the U.S. Census Bureau has now decided to pry into the personal sex lives of Americans, right in the sanctity of their own homes.

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On Tuesday, the bureau shamelessly asked for permission to test questions concerning sexual orientation and gender identity on individuals as young as 15 in their comprehensive annual survey, the American Community Survey (ACS).

This survey, which already invades the privacy of 3.5 million households each year with its ongoing questions on family life, income, and even internet access, now seeks to delve even deeper, unearthing intimate details about Americans’ sexual orientations and gender identities.

And for what? So federal agencies can have more data to fuel their civil rights and equal employment enforcement agendas, as stated in a Federal Register notice.

M.V. Lee Badgett, an economics professor at the University of Massachusetts Amherst, seems to champion this invasive initiative, claiming it will help researchers “learn about health, economic, housing and other outcomes” for the LGBT community.

The Census Bureau has already allocated millions to research the most effective methods of inquiring about sexual orientation and gender identity.

But at what cost? It seems the Biden administration is more interested in data collection than preserving the privacy and dignity of American citizens.

As the country’s premier statistical agency, the Census Bureau’s approach could pave the way for other institutions and businesses in their data collection methods on the sex lives of Americans.

The proposed questions are nothing short of intrusive, asking respondents to label someone in their household as “Gay or lesbian, Straight — that is not gay or lesbian, Bisexual, and This person uses a different term.”

And let’s not overlook the glaring issue of proxy responses, where someone else in the household can answer these deeply personal questions on behalf of another individual.

Badgett expressed concerns regarding this method, noting, “Younger LGBTQ+ individuals, who may not have disclosed their orientation to family members or other household members, might be misrepresented in proxy responses.”

This opens the door for misinformation by allowing homosexual couples to misidentify their children as LGBT to increase the nation’s overall percentage of LGBT individuals.

The Biden administration seems hell-bent on tearing down the barriers that protect our personal freedoms and privacy. It’s a move that undermines the trust between the government and its citizens and threatens to further polarize an already divided nation.


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