Bill to shut down ‘un-American’ Disinformation Board is introduced into U.S. House of Representatives

Mike Johnson/ Facebook

An attempt to replace the American ideal of free speech with a “Disinformation Governance Board,” which would determine the “truth” and acceptability of virtually any communication, is meeting with quick resistance.

A group of House Republicans introduced a bill on May 3 to shut down the outrageous, Biden-administration stunt, which many are likening to the Ministry of Truth from George Orwell’s novel 1984.

Led by republican Representative Mike Johnson of Louisiana, the bill would defund the brand new Department of Homeland Security (DHS) unit headed by so-called misinformation expert Nina Jankowicz, who appears to amuse herself by singing songs that she considers clever, several videos of which have gone viral since her appointment.

“Today I led 50 @HouseGOP Members in introducing a bill to defund Biden’s ‘Ministry of Truth.’ The government has no role in determining what constitutes truth or acceptable speech, and this dystopian, unconstitutional board must be dissolved,” Johnson tweeted on May 3, according to

“If Biden won’t do it, then we will.”

Signing on with the effort are Republican Conference Chairwoman Elise Stefanik as well as Republican representatives Andy Biggs of Arizona and Lauren Boebert of Colorado, along with dozens of others including Sen. Marsha Blackburn of Tennessee.

In a letter sent on May 3 to DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, Blackburn said the new board threatens Americans’ First Amendment rights and is openly partisan, with the goal of having a chilling effect on conservative speech.

The Ministry of Truth from Orwell’s dystopian novel is a government agency used to propagate the opposite of truth, inventing it and actually rewriting historical documents to fit current government needs. Inscribed on the ministry in the book were three slogans “WAR IS PEACE,” “FREEDOM IS SLAVERY,” and “IGNORANCE IS STRENGTH.”

Mayorkas and other leftist defenders of the new project say the agency is meant to coordinate DHS online monitoring, though it coincidentally followed by only days the left’s apparent loss of Twitter to billionaire buyer Elon Musk, who has vowed to end leftist “editing” and manipulation of that public-speech service.


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