Billions in Tax Dollars: The Story of Vacant Federal Offices

The Shocking Reality of D.C.’s Empty Office Spaces

Is it any surprise? Billions of YOUR dollars — wasted on cavernous, empty federal offices.


Because D.C. bureaucrats have grown too accustomed to the luxuries of Biden’s lax ‘work-from-home’ agenda.

Shocking reports indicate these government employees, paid by your tax dollars, are shamelessly hopping into bubble baths during meetings, teeing off at golf courses, and even indulging in happy hours — all on the clock.

According to the Government Accountability Office, a staggering 75% of office space across 17 federal agencies remains unused. So, where’s the accountability?

While hard-working Americans do their jobs day in and day out, the privileged elite in D.C. lounge at home, taking bubble baths on your dime. One Atlanta Department of Veterans Affairs employee flaunted his ‘bathtub office’ on social media. And while he’s doing that, our veterans wait for months on end for critical medical appointments.

Now, Republicans are demanding some answers: If these employees aren’t using the office spaces, why not sell them and apply those funds toward our mounting national debt?

Sen. Joni Ernst of Iowa is leading the charge, urging a ‘clearance sale on unused office space,’ which could put a dent in the alarming $32.9 trillion U.S. national debt.

The audacity of some — a U.S. Patent and Trademark Office examiner received $25,000 for time he never worked, instead choosing to spend his days golfing. And what’s the White House’s response? A ‘gentle’ nudge last month to get back to work.

Reducing office space solely at the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office headquarters could lead to annual savings of $30 million for taxpayers.

As the Biden administration comfortably continues its telework policies, ignoring the end of the COVID-19 emergency they declared over in May, Republicans are fighting for answers.

Senators and representatives are pressing for the return of federal employees to their designated office spaces and transparency regarding these policies. We were promised transparency, after all.

But, as it seems, what we’ve gotten is another classic case of bureaucracy enjoying the good life at the expense of the American taxpayer.


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