Birmingham McDonald’s Hit by Rodent-Throwing Activists in Political Protest

Birmingham McDonald's scrambles to contain rats thrown in by pro-Palestine protesters.

In a series of politically charged incidents, a Birmingham McDonald’s has been targeted by pro-Palestine activists who have thrown live rodents into the premises.

The latest attack occurred last night at the Small Heath restaurant where masked individuals, chanting “Free, Free Palestine,” unleashed white mice on the establishment.

The group then claps and repeatedly shouts ‘f*** Israel’ before fleeing the restaurant as fast as they can.

Eyewitness footage captured the activists, dressed in black and brandishing Palestinian flags, as they entered the restaurant. Amidst their chants, a clear box filled with rodents was hurled over the service counter, causing commotion and prompting staff and customers to flee.

In additional footage that has surfaced online, showing the same event, employees at the restaurant are captured in a frantic effort to round up the multitude of mice released from a container left conspicuously at the center of the establishment.

As the rodents dash about in panic, customers look on in shock, with the voice of a young child piercing through the commotion, exclaiming, “That’s a lot of rats.”

The person filming, who seems to have inadvertently come across the mayhem, can be heard expressing disbelief, remarking from behind the camera, “Oh my days. Look at this! They’ve just unleashed a swarm of mice here in McDonald’s. All these rats. Someone actually brought this in.”

This incident is not isolated.

Two days earlier, another McDonald’s in Perry Barr was similarly disrupted by an activist releasing mice while shouting pro-Palestine slogans. Disturbingly, a child’s voice amidst the chaos remarked on the number of “rats,” highlighting the distress experienced by patrons, especially the young.

Authorities are taking these events seriously, with the West Midlands Police initiating investigations after acknowledging the considerable distress caused to the public and the staff at the fast-food chain.

The police are treating the situation as a ‘public nuisance offence’ and are committed to identifying and apprehending those responsible.

Speculation about the identity of the activists and their motivations is rife, with some social media accounts linked to the events being swiftly taken down after the incidents went viral. Mr. Aamir Khan, a former limousine hire company worker with prior convictions, denied responsibility despite being linked to a video of one incident.

The backdrop to these protests involves accusations that McDonald’s is supporting Israel amidst its ongoing conflict with Hamas, designated as a terrorist organization by several countries, including the United States and the European Union, which has been responsible for numerous attacks against Israeli civilians.

McDonald’s has made statements confirming the sanitation of the affected restaurant and reassured the public of their swift actions in collaboration with pest control partners to rectify the disturbances caused by these rodent releases.


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