Black Lives Matter protesters disrupt and shout obscenities during memorial for fallen police officers

BLM protesters disrupt memorial for fallen officers

Aggressive Black Lives Matter protesters interrupted and spoiled a procession in Madison, Wis. on May 14 to honor police officers killed in the line of duty.

The COVID-19 pandemic prevented any proper remembrances from being held most of 2020 and 2021 at the Wisconsin Law Enforcement Memorial in Capitol Square, a memorial that honors those who have gave their lives enforcing the law throughout the years. Six names were finally added to the honor roll last week, however, as reported by WEAU-TV.

But when officers and family members gathered in the square for what was to be a solemn event to remember six officers who died between 1933 and 2020, disruptive protesters began shouting and making accusations about eight minutes into the ceremony, Western Journal reported.

“For the 285 names on the wall, we tell them we will not forget you, we will never forget what you gave up for us and we will never forget everyone gathered here today,”  C.O.P.S. president Jo Ann Mignon told those in attendance, according to WEAU.

“We have a right to protest!” one individual can be heard saying. At around two minutes in, another voice shouts: “Black Lives Matter!”

“This is a megaphone. By the way, this is not a gun, this is a megaphone,” one vocal protester can be heard saying, before going on a rant against an unidentified individual: “You’ve got tears coming out of my eyes. You know why? Because I have faith in people, and you’re totally disrupting my f***ing balance right now.” He went on to say he was “begging you m*********ers to stop killing people that look like me.”

At the same time, rap music with lyrics like “f*** the police” played in the background during a moment of silence, according to Western Journal.

“How come the African-American national anthem wasn’t played?” another person asked.

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