Black Lives Matter: The REAL Inconvenient Truth (trailer)

What is the true purpose of Black Lives Matter?

This 4-part series uses real interviews, real videos, real transcripts, and goes more in-depth than anyone has before to answer this very question.

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  1. If you go further back in time you will find BLM and Antifa resembles the French Republic during the Revolution. They did away with God and replaced Life with Freedom, Liberty with Equality, the Pursuit of Happiness with Fraternity. Our Revolution was successful because it was founded on God. Theirs was unsuccessful because it was founded upon man. And if you look at our current government, the ones who back BLM and Antifa, you will see they no longer fight for Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness, but for Freedom, Equality, and Fraternity, just as the French did in 1792. Let the public return again to the God who created this country and band together against these new revolutionaries who are married to “madam guillotine,” or something worse.


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