Black, Rastafarian Trump supporter shot dead in Milwaukee

Detectives are investigating whether a black Donald Trump supporter was shot and killed in Milwaukee over his politics. Bernell Trammell, 60, was gunned down in a drive-by shooting on Thursday at 12.30pm in the neighborhood where he was known for his signs that said 'Vote Trump 2020' and recited Bible versus

A black “community figure” in Milwaukee was shot to death on July 23, and authorities are investigating whether the deadly attack was based on the man’s vocal support of President Donald Trump, at a time when Democrats nationally are attempting to portray the president as the ultimate alpha racist.

The Democrats have little else with which to oppose Trump in the presidential election in November.

Bernell Trammell, 60, was targeted in a drive-by shooting jsut after noon in the same neighborhood where he was known for his signs that said “Vote Trump 2020” and quoted Bible verses.

Trammell was found dead on the sidewalk in front of his business, where he sold his eXpressions Journal and had posted handmade signs backing a range of movements — including Black Lives Matter — in the window. There is now a memorial at the site with candles and flowers.

Detectives have not yet settled on a motive, but Trammell’s support of the GOP is far from being discounted.

Trammell acquaintance Adebisi Agoro told Fox 6 he stopped by Trammell’s office just two hours before the shooting on Thursday, and that the two discussed politics.

“He’s just a community figure,” Agoro said. “I respected him just because he had a position… He’s got his opinion on why he feels that way.

“We saw the cops pull up: the vans, ambulance, firefighters, and we sat and watched. They gave CPR for about 15-20 minutes.” 

Janette Island said she would visit the storefront of his three-story building, where he also ran a publishing company. She said they would talk religion from Christianity to Rastafarianism. Trammell was known for his political signs and Rastafarianism.

“It was very deep conversations, very philosophical,” Island told Fox 6. “He was a really great guy. He meant no harm.”

Reggie Moore, director of Milwaukee’s Office of Violence Prevention, told the Milwaukee Sentinel Journal he recently intervened in a dispute between Trammell and a young man over a Trump sign he was carrying.

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