BLM flags now common at Wellesley, Mass. public schools, but face mounting backlash

A Massachusetts town is seeing some backlash against leftist indoctrination of schoolchildren – in this case pupils at the local public school – in the form of Black Lives Matter flags being draped around classrooms and school halls.

When the flags first appeared in Wellesley, Mass. middle schools and then at Wellesley High School, they drew little notice. Now that BLM flags have appeared at the elementary and pre-K levels, however, people are saying that the highly political and highly questionable banners have no place in public schools because of … antisemitism.

The Swellesley Report received a letter signed by 50 people that links the BLM flag to anti-Semitism. The signers called for the flags to be taken down, saying “ … recent crimes against Jews have been a direct result of BLM’s political and violent rhetoric. Physical assaults against Jewish people have been reported to authorities in, just to name a few, California, Arizona, Illinois, New York, New Jersey and Florida. The BLM flags cause a lot of fear for Jewish students, and that should not be tolerated … we do not seek to take the flags down because we do not believe in the fundamental cause of liberty for everyone. We seek to take them down because they are political in nature and are divisive.”

Adminstrators with the school system say “systemic racism” against Black Americans justifies the flags and provides a way to signal to black students, faculty, and staff that their presence is valued, as if blacks desperately need this kind of validation from whites.

Wellesley Public Schools Superintendent Dr. David Lussier largely shut down the petitioners, saying in an email: “The decision to display Black Lives Matter flags at any of our schools has been the result of conversations at those schools among staff and parents. (And students at the secondary level.)  There is no district-wide mandate that this must be done, but we fully support this practice.  We don’t see this as any type of political statement but rather a reinforcement of our belief in the dignity and safety of our Black students, staff, and families. This is also not an endorsement of the political organization of the same name (which has a different logo.)”

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