BLM protests are creating an ‘evolving crisis’ with a surge of cops quitting and retiring

Crisis of police retiring and quitting because of BLM protests.

Democrats’ media-fueled crusade against law enforcement is having a definite effect, with police retirements rising by 45 percent in the past year and officers quitting their jobs across the country.

The most obvious manifestation of anti-police sentiment on the part of media and politicians are the Black Lives Matter demonstrations that have fueled anti-cop sentiment across the nation.

The Police Executive Research Forum revealed the statistic on June 13, and also announced that resignations rose by 18 percent during the same yearlong period. Executive Director Chuck Wexler told The New York Times that police forces also cannot attract new recruits, and called the media-created situation “an evolving crisis.”

Anti-police sentiment was supposedly sparked by the death of George Floyd in police custody in Minneapolis in 2020, though media and Democratic animus against law enforcement was already an obvious reality.

Floyd’s death simply gave politicians, “journalists” and activists the chance to promote defunding police forces across the United States. New York City, for example, saw huge BLM marches during which police were pelted with bottles and rocks and patrol cars were set on fire. Mayor Bill de Blasio responded by slashing $1 billion from the NYPDs operating budget, despite a surge in violent crime.

In 2020, 2,600 New York police officers resigned. That is nearly double the 1,509 handed in the year before. In Portland, Ore., 69 officers resigned and 75 retired between April 2020 and April 2021. In Seattle, resignations almost quadrupled to 123 from 34 and retirements more than doubled to 96 from 43. In Asheville, N.C., Police Chief David Zack told The Times that he had lost about one-third of staff to resignation and retirement.

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