Bounty Hunters Arrested During ‘Black Lives Matter’ Event

Bounty hunters Justin and Dustin Brooks were arrested during their protest of a 'Black Lives Matter' event in Colorado Springs, CO. Photo: News5

Colorado Springs, CO. The two bounty hunters were arrested on Monday after arriving at a ‘Black Lives Matter’ event in downtown Colorado Springs and shouting ‘All Lives Matter.’

Justin and Dustin Brooks, who are twin brothers, said they showed up to voice their support for law enforcement. Though they weren’t looking for a fight, that’s exactly what they got.

“As soon as we got off the bike we went over straight to the crowd and we heard chanting of ‘Black Lives Matter’. We then said ‘All Lives Matter’ and within two or three seconds we were run up on really, really fast,” Justin Brooks told News5.

The brothers say that after they were assaulted, they pulled out their weapons. Within minutes, officers arrived with their own weapons drawn. After the brothers were told to get on the ground they were handcuffed and arrested.

“Yes, we did get charged with disorderly conduct, but they have to do what they have to do and it’s their job,” said Dustin Brooks.

Both brothers plan to fight the charges, adding they’ve received numerous death threats following the event.

None of the ‘Black Lives Matters’ protesters who threatened and assaulted the bounty hunters were arrested.


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