Boy accused of sexually assaulting two girls in Minnesota is allowed to remain in class

Zimmerman Middle-High School walkout notice

As the nation’s public schools veer further and further into unaccountable radicalism, principals and school boards continue to show just how far out of parents’ hands the situation has slipped.

In Minnesota, a school principal let a boy accused of sexually assaulting two classmates remain in school, reports. The principal went on to threaten punishment of any students who staged a walkout, and called law enforcement on a mom who questioned to his face his decision to allow the boy continued access to his alleged victims.

Parents in Zimmerman, near Minneapolis, were effectively shut out of the conversation after not only Principal Marco Voce but also the school board refused to address the allegations during a Nov. 8 meeting. When Zimmerman Middle/High School students staged a protest/walkout they were warned by Voce that they could be suspended.

The mother who instigated the call to police was Cassie Bonine, whose daughter attends the high school. She went to the Nov. 8 meeting of Independent School District 728 and quickly learned that none of her questions would be answered.

“We were all denied,” she said to on Nov. 11. “None of us were allowed to speak at the meeting.”

Bonine said she saw and confronted Principal Voce on her way to the restroom, asking why he hadn’t replied to an email she had sent five days earlier about the sex assault. He claimed he hadn’t received it. When she came back out of the restroom she showed him the email on her phone and asked how he would feel if his own daughters had been assaulted.

Some days later sheriff’s deputies came to her home with a trespassing notification, ordering her not to go on school property for the next year. She is now working to transfer her daughter to another district, she said.


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