British Abortion Rate Among Young Brits Passes One-Third Mark

New studies note the increases in abortions compared to pregnancies, including for women 40 and over, 28.7 percent of their pregnancies led to an abortion as well as 18.1 percent of pregnancies for women aged 35 to 39. For women of ages 30 to 34, 15 percent of pregnancies ended in abortion. (Abortion DM photo)

The Christian Post – New government data show nearly a third of pregnancies among women age 20 – 24 in England and Wales resulted in abortions in 2017. The finding comes from data published by the UK’s Office for National Studies.

It also found 33-percent of pregnancies for women age 20-25 end in abortion. That number is up slightly from 2016. Overall, 23-percent of conceptions in women of all ages in England and Wales resulted in an abortion.

This represents an increase of about one-percent from 2016, and a 6.5-percent increase since 1997. The data show a rise in the number of abortions for pregnant women in all age groups, except for girls ages 16 and under.

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