CA Schools Will Use Sexually Explicit Materials as ‘Education’

Heather Corinna's explicit S.E.X. book tracks the same conversations as at her website as referenced in the book introductions, including descriptions of "girldick" and how, "our genitals are so unique and cool, and a fun and exciting thing to share with people we love and trust." ( photo)

The Christian Post – California’s Department of Education voted to approve a controversial guidance for sex education for elementary and middle school students despite protests by parents and others. Following hours of debate and public comments from both supporters and critics, as well as a protest attended by approximately 200 people, the board voted approval Wednesday.

The guidance in part encourages public school teachers to discuss transgender identity with elementary students and masturbation with middle students. A major issue for many parents and groups like the California Family Council was the content of the newly approved books that the Board of Education wanted to make available for public school teachers.

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