CAIR Hot and Bothered by Islamic Sharia on ‘Law and Order’

The cast of Law and Order, Special Victims Unit, depicted harsh criticism of Islamic Sharia and included references to other controversial events. (Flickr photo)

Clarion Project – Popular prime time show “Law and Order: SVU” (Special Victims Unit) faced accusations of Islamophobia and racism over what some were calling an “extremely offensive” story line.

The “Law and Order” episode starts off with a provocative scene on racism and anti-Semitic attacks and ends with an intense cross examination involving Islamic sharia law.

The Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) quickly put out a press release criticizing the episode as “Islamophobic” and have requested a meeting with producers.

However, we should all decide for ourselves. Was the “Law and Order” episode Islamophobic? Was there racism? Or is it time for us to bring difficult issues into prime time TV?

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