CAIR Sting Operation Against Gun Range Backfires, Case Dismissed

Americans practise their Second Amendment rights everyday in America, but what about the threat of Islamic soldiers of Allah training at our ranges for the downfall and takeover of our country? Can range owners at least ban the presence of those who are members of a terrorist-linked organization like CAIR? (Pixabay photo)

WND News – A federal court judge dismissed a discrimination complaint by Raja’ee Fatihah against Chad and Nicole Neal, owners of Save Yourself Survival and Tactical Gun Range in Oktaha, OK, and set a trial to resolve other conflicting accusations.

Fatihah claims the range owners banned him because of his religion. The Neals claim he was banned from the range on Oct. 23, 2015, because after saying he was Muslim, he “took a threatening stance, revealing his handgun to [Nicole Neal,] and he recklessly created a controversy and disturbance.”

Nicole Neal claimed Fatihah [a Council on American-Islamic Relations member] had a concealed recording device, a rifle over his shoulder and a handgun that appeared to be loaded.

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