Calif. bill would impose homosexual values via department stores

Photographer: Krisztian Bocsi/Bloomberg via Getty Images

The cultural and governmental assault on people who believe in two separate, distinct genders continues. The latest push comes in California, unsurprisingly, and targets traditional values by targeting merchants.

The bill, CA AB2826 (19R), was put forward by a homosexual legislator.

Under Assemblyman Evan Low’s measure, large stores that sell toys, clothes and other children’s items would have to maintain some areas where shoppers can find all toys or clothes, regardless of gender-based marketing. It would apply to department stores with 500 or more employees beginning in 2023, according to Politico.

Low, chair of the Legislative LGBT Caucus, said he wants to make shopping more “inclusive” for children. He said the idea came from a staffer, whose young daughter had asked why certain items she wanted were in an area designated for boys.

“This is an issue of children being able to express themselves without bias,” Low said in an interview in late February.

The bill comes amid a growing backlash to gender-specific toys and clothing. Groups such as the international Let Toys Be Toys campaign argue that such merchandise perpetuates gender stereotypes and can make children feel shame if they don’t conform to them.

Target, famous for allowing gender-confused men into women’s restrooms, announced in 2015 that it would stop gender-based labeling of toys under pressure from gay advocates.


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