Calif. school district advises kids to put a ‘hex’ on those who say ‘all lives matter’

Campbell Union High School District/ Facebook

One California school district has become so obsessed with anti-white racism – regarding as an essential element of children’s education – that its teaching materials include instructions on how to place witchcraft-style curses or “hexes” on people who dare to suggest that “all lives matter.”

(As compared to “Black Lives Matter,” which is shorthand for “Whites are now inferior and should act as such.”)

Spencer Lindquist writes at The Federalist that his former high school’s district, Campbell Union High School District, now is hawking more than 100 “equity resources” to its students and staff, including a document that teaches how to put a curse on those who say “all lives matter.”

The page where the resources are linked features 60 different items, including a Google Drive folder with 45 different documents. Buzzword-laden links include Raising Race Conscious Children, the infamous 1619 Project, Anti-Racism for Beginners, and Social Identities and Systems of Oppression, among others.

An “Anti-Racism Resource List” is among the resources, teaching about “white fragility” and claiming that only white people are capable of racism. Other “resources” included a Trevor Noah speech labeled “Why rioting makes sense” and an unhinged anti-white rant from Sonya Renee Taylor demanding that white people “throw your white body” on police officers “for the purpose of justice.”

“We are socialized into white supremacy from the moment we are born,” the list proclaims, before going on to say “It is about completely dismantling how you see yourself and how you see the world, so that you can dismantle … white supremacy.”

One section titled “Hex” suggests: “Hexing people is an important way to get out anger and frustration.” It goes on to suggest that those who say “all lives matter” or commit “microaggressions,” should be cursed. “Write your own hex poem, cursing that person,” it directs.


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