California Asks Ministers to Abandon, Betray Christ, the Word of God

False ministers are rising with the LGBTQ movement to deny scripture and dethrone God as creator, revealing how it is the work of Satan and the spirit of Antichrist, not love in any godly way that refuses iniquity and rejoices with truth. (Flickr photo)

The Christian Post – Individuals who once [were homosexual] are speaking out against a resolution in the California Assembly that calls on pastors and other civic leaders to affirm homosexuality and transgenderism, and to condemn conversion therapy.

The resolution . . . urges counselors, pastors, churches, educators and others to avoid supporting the historic Christian view of sexual ethics. The measure says such support can result in disproportionately high rates of suicide and depression . . . and makes a point to condemn in broad terms what is often referred to as conversion therapy.

Notable among the supporters of the resolution is Kevin Mannoia a former head of the National Association of Evangelicals, which represents tens of thousands of churches.

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