California’s Passes Bills for Free Condoms to Students and Gender-Neutral Bathrooms

LGBTQ activist and California Senator Caroline Menjivar authored Senate Bill 541 to distribute free condoms to high school students.

In another outrageous attempt to undermine the traditional values that once held our society together, the California legislature is pushing forward with two bills that threaten to further indoctrinate our children in the public school system.

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These bills are now lying ominously on Governor Gavin Newsom’s desk, awaiting his signature to unleash what many see as an assault on common sense and decency.

First on the docket is Senate Bill 541, orchestrated by Senator Caroline Menjivar, which insists on handing out free condoms to students in public high schools as early as next year. Menjivar had previously served on the board of the LGBTQ group, GLSEN.

“The bill would require these public schools to, at the beginning of each school year, inform pupils through existing school communication channels that free condoms are available and where the condoms can be obtained on school grounds,” a preamble to the bill states.

This is despite many arguing that the real solution should be teaching our youth restraint and moral responsibility, not facilitating promiscuity.

The bill does not require parental consent for a student to receive free condoms. Critics have rightfully pointed to the glaring failure of sex education to teach abstinence in California schools as the root of the problem.

Should it be signed into law, the legislation will additionally forbid vendors from requesting age verification or identification from minors purchasing condoms or over-the-counter birth control.

Next, we have the utterly preposterous Senate Bill 760, championed by Senator Josh Newman, pushing to guarantee access to gender-neutral school bathrooms by 2026.

This bill blatantly disregards the comfort and safety of the majority, forcing our children into an environment where the lines of gender are blurred, and traditional values are thrown out the window.

Gender-neutral bathrooms are mandated for schools in the first through twelfth grades.

Though Sen. Newman argues the bill is written in a way for the gender-neutral bathrooms to be single-use only, nothing in the bill makes such a claim.

preamble to the bill states:

“The bill would require the all-gender restroom to meet certain requirements, including, among other things, that it has signage identifying the bathroom facility as being open to all genders and is unlocked, unobstructed, and easily accessible by any pupil.”

The legislation does not contain the words “single use.”

Despite a significant portion of students feeling uncomfortable or unsafe in gender-neutral settings, the liberal agenda seems determined to bulldoze over the concerns of many parents and students alike.

Governor Newsom has a deadline of October 14 to either endorse or reject these bills, actions that might pave the way for other states to emulate in their efforts to facilitate free condoms and gender-neutral bathrooms nationwide.


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