Christian Family Is Run Out of Town

Pastor Rich Penkoski leads the Warriors for Christ outreach ministry (Submitted photo)

A West Virginia dad and family that spoke on-camera with the Christian Action Network about Islamic indoctrination at their local public school is today shaking the dust from their feet.

They have moved away.

On-line Warriors for Christ Pastor Rich Penkoski resettled his family to new digs further south. The hope is for a supportive school system and a protective police department. Also they hope to meet new brothers and sisters in Christ among other decent neighbors.

They had hoped for that when they moved to West Virginia from New Jersey, though.

“The area we moved to in West Virginia is a pretty liberal place, not at all like I thought,” Penkoski said of Gerrardstown, WV. There are good people, for sure, but, “we didn’t meet those people in charge of the schools or police department.”

The main problem

Since the interview, threats emerged from at least two girls among his middle-school daughter’s classmates.

“It’s not a good environment for my kids to be involved in,” Penkoski said on Wednesday. “We’re going to move into our new home in Tennessee this Friday.”

He can’t see the threats as coincidence, they apparently arose in response to the stand he took against the Islamic indoctrination. But the threats did not present themselves as Islamic in nature, either.

They were more disturbing and cultist in their references, even Satanic. What was said by the other students included graphic descriptions of violence that seemed to be straight out of a horror movie.

“There was no reference to Islam at all,” he said. “Still, they said things about coming to our home and doing the most brutal, awful things.”

No help from the wicked

While realizing the juvenile nature of the comments, he wanted those making such statements dealt with. The school balked at the idea of taking effective action. The police also seemed unconcerned, according to Penkoski.

“The officer we spoke with was going on vacation, and since then we’ve heard nothing,” he said. “They’ve done absolutely nothing, I’m sure of it.”

Penkoski sought to legally compel the police to turn over documentation of their work on at least checking in on and finding out more about those youth who made the violent comments. That legal process is dragging on as are other legal matters.

The family figured some time ago that a move was in the works, and they considered options, Penkoski said. His ministry involvements an uncompromising stand against sexual immorality, including recent efforts to expose the Drag Queen Story Hour movement.

With a high degree of controversy involved, there were numerous reasons to make a move from an area that demonstrated such lack of support at the school administration and police protection levels.

But on top of everything going on, just a couple weeks ago his older daughter in high school had to deal with a classroom issue. Her reproductive science curriculum went off the rails into issues of anal sex and condom use.

“When that happened, it was like a sign – it is time to go,” Penkoski said.


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  1. He lied about it. He kept talking about how they were going to come and terrorize us and kill us. It wasn’t happening and it didn’t happen. We don’t need people like him in WV or America for that fact. He forgot the golden rule treat people how you want to be treated.

  2. This guy just goes around stirring up trouble. He has problems because he CREATES them.
    He makes money starting controversy and then suing people by playing the victim.


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