Can you believe it? Gender Tootsie Roll pops? Gender Minotaurs?

Gender clinic director Dr. Diane Ehrensaft says children can choose their gender as a Tesla car, Tootsie Roll pop, smoothie, or even a Minotaur.

Gender Lunacy with Your Tax Dollars.

It seems that gender lunacy has reached new heights in our schools and elsewhere.

Over 1,000 American school districts have now brazenly announced that they can – and should – hide a student’s transgender status from their parents.

That’s over 18,000 schools and a staggering 10 million students being brainwashed by a system increasingly becoming anti-parent, as the diligent folks at Parents Defending Education reported.

And while we ponder this absurdity for just a moment, let’s take a trip to – where else – sunny California.

There, Dr. Diane Ehrensaft, a gender clinic director and medical school professor, astonishingly claimed there are “infinite” gender identities, and brace yourselves – one of those is a “gender Tootsie Roll pop.”

That’s right! A Tootsie Roll pop.

But the question is (if I can be forgiven for revising the candy manufacturer’s 1970 slogan): “How many licks will it take to turn a child into a Tootsie Pop?”

Better yet, how many icks will it take?

Ehrensaft, who’s been peddling gender ideology in medicine and psychology for years, is the director of mental health and chief psychologist at the University of California-San Francisco (UCSF) Benioff Children’s Hospital.

Among the many identities she’s put forth include “Pangender Youth,” “Gender Teslas,” and try not to gag, “Gender Smoothies.”

Ehrensaft’s bewildering claims aren’t new. Fox News Digital has previously reported that she envisions kids as “gender hybrids,” even introducing fantastical identities like a “gender Minotaur.”

This alarming trend is just a glimpse of how deeply disturbing the tentacles of transgender ideology advocates have reached into our institutions.

Breitbart News, in their unwavering commitment to truth, pointed out a revealing study suggesting that this surge in young people identifying as transgender may well be a result of social contagion.

You think? Of course, it is!! But only with the help of schools, the Biden Crime Family, Hollywood celebrities, the medical profession, Disney, Target, Bud Light, Maybelline, Skittles…(okay, I’m done).  

To put it into perspective, a 2021 study from the Trevor Project showed that a jaw-dropping 26 percent of LGBTQ youth now identify as non-binary. And another 20 percent are in limbo, not knowing what they are.

Is it any surprise that last week a bunch of physician groups got together and issued an urgent warning that hospital emergency rooms are being flooded with children and teenagers showing up with mental health issues?

If you’re finding it difficult to wrap your aching head around all this Gender Lunacy nonsense, then you’ll need Extra-Strength Bayer to get through this one:

The American Medical Association (AMA) proposes that you, the taxpayer, should foot the bill for uterus transplants so men can bear children, with costs soaring upwards to an eye-watering $300,000.

The AMA announced this audacious proposal in their Journal of Ethics under the guise of providing “Patient-Centered Transgender Surgical Care.”

The AMA believes that the inability of trans women to conceive and bear children might lead to some sort of ‘psychological dissonance’ (meaning the individual suffers from a mental conflict regarding competing beliefs).

They claim that this ‘dissonance’ harms their health and overall well-being. 

Wah. Wah. I’m touched.

But why should I help pay the staggering $300,000 to cure their dissonance?

If I don’t want to, does that mean I don’t have a bleeding heart?

No. It’s because, like most Americans, I’m already bled out.

Who isn’t?

The narrative seems that gender should be picked off a shelf without any biological considerations, as if it’s just another lifestyle accessory.

One can’t help but wonder where the line on these Frankenstein surgeries will eventually be drawn.

Perhaps not until Ehrensaft’s dream of medically butchering children into Tootsie Roll pops, smoothies, Teslas, and Minotaurs comes true – with the help of our bleeding wallets, of course.


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