CDC director tries to claim racism is a disease in need of treatment

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Director Rochelle Walensky

The Centers for Disease Control have identified a deadly new pathogen in need of being hunted down and wiped out: racist Americans.

They have also ventured boldly into defining certain ways of thinking as a “disease” in need of treatment, though it could easily be argued that it is their way of thinking that is sick.

On April 8, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Director Rochelle Walensky stated ominously that racism was a “serious public health threat,” which of course lays the groundwork for treating Americans who can be labeled “racist” as if they are harmful microbes.

Consultants who teach Critical Race Theory could be looking at some fat government contracts.

The CDC went so far as to post on its website that racism is a systemic problem, asserting, “To build a healthier America for all, we must confront the systems and policies that have resulted in the generational injustice that has given rise to racial and ethnic health inequities.”

This makes the CDC the largest federal agency to classify Americans of certain political persuasions as comparable to microbes, according to The Hill, which went on: “The declaration is part of a new agency-wide initiative called Racism and Health, which the CDC said is meant to be a hub for its research into the effects of racism on health, and efforts to achieve health equity. The initiative is meant to go beyond studying the issue and focus on taking action.

“Racism — both interpersonal and structural — negatively affects the mental and physical health of millions of people, preventing them from attaining their highest level of health, and consequently, affecting the health of our nation,” the CDC’s statement on its new Racism and Health initiative reads.

“The disparities seen over the past year were not a result of COVID-19,” Walensky thundered. “Instead, the pandemic illuminated inequities that have existed for generations and revealed for all of America a known, but often unaddressed, epidemic impacting public health: racism. What we know is this: racism is a serious public health threat that directly affects the well-being of millions of Americans. As a result, it affects the health of our entire nation.”


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