Celebrities, media fret that coronavirus has upstaged climate change

The British natural historian also believes the way countries are co-operating together against the virus could act as a precedent for future crises, including climate change

Celebrity scientists and the media are trumpeting another threat from the coronavirus: Everybody’s scared of the Chinese contagion, when what they SHOULD be scared of is global warming.

British natural historian and television personality David Attenborough, for one, says COVID-19 is pushing panic about climate change into the increasingly distant future.

The 94-year-old celebrity said he believes the pandemic has pushed rescuing the planet from mankind’s exhaust fumes off the front pages, and not just because they caused November’s COP26 international climate talks in Glasgow to be pushed back. Sir David admits he himself is focusing on COVID-19 for now.

Still, he said, the climate change debate must still remain in people’s minds.

He told the So Hot Right Now podcast: “The trouble is that right now the climate issue is also seen as being rather in the distant future because we’ve got the virus to think about.

“And so what are the papers full of? The virus. Quite right, that’s what I want to know about, too.”

When climate change does come back to the front of people’s minds, Sir David will be turning to fellow climate activists, such as angry 17-year-old global warming mouthpiece Greta Thunberg, to promote the importance of protecting the planet against global warming.


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