Chau Dairy Noted Mourning Over ‘His Last’ Sunset, Love for Tribe, Christ

John Allen Chau's family said that they forgive those who killed their son, and they shared excerpts from his diary last week with The Washington Post. Excerpts noted that Chau was scared, crying a bit, and wondering if the beautiful sunset he was seeing would be his last. (NBC News photo)

Christian Post – Indian police are warning that there are significant difficulties in recovering the body of John Allen Chau, the missionary killed last week by an isolated tribe at North Sentinel Island.

Further details from Chau’s diary have meanwhile revealed that he was able to tell the Sentinelese people, believed to have lived in isolation for thousands of years, that Jesus loves them in one brief encounter preceding his killing. CNN reported that Indian authorities ventured near the island on Friday and Saturday, looking out for where Chau’s body was reported to have been seen by fishermen last week, but to no avail.

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