Chicago Mayor: Blame Auto Manufacturers, Not Car Thieves

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It’s Not a Crime Problem. It’s a KIA’s Problem

Well, here’s a new one for you — Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson has come up with a novel, albeit misguided, way to address the rampant car crimes in the Windy City.

Instead of targeting the actual criminals, he’s pointing fingers at… car manufacturers?

That’s right. In a move that can only be described as a desperate distraction, Mayor Johnson is suing Kia and Hyundai for allegedly making cars that are too easy to steal.

On “Fox & Friends”, Democrat Alderman Raymond Lopez couldn’t help but ridicule this laughable approach.

“So, in Johnson’s Chicago, we’re now led to believe there isn’t a crime problem, but rather a Kia problem,” Lopez quipped.

The staggering statistics speak for themselves – car thefts have shot up by 104% from last year and an eye-watering 234% from two years ago.

Yet, for Johnson, the blame lies with the vehicles, not the thieves.

Here’s the logic, if you can even call it that: Mayor Johnson’s lawsuit claims that Kia and Hyundai didn’t include certain “industry-standard engine immobilizers” in their models, leading to the spike in thefts.

But while he’s quick to point the finger at car manufacturers, Johnson remains eerily silent about the real issue: the unchecked criminal behavior plaguing his city.

Lopez pulls no punches in highlighting this. “While cars are stolen left and right, our mayor stays tight-lipped about the true culprits,” he stated.

“Instead, he prefers to engage in a blame game, chastising the media and those who dare question his narrative.”

Rather than confront the root cause, Johnson’s solution involves slapping band-aids on gaping wounds.

And, while Johnson is busy playing the blame game, car thefts in 2023 have already surpassed 19,000. Hyundai, one of the so-called culprits, has already introduced engine immobilizers in all its models since November 2021.

Lopez ends with a dire warning for Chicago, hinting at the city’s tumultuous leadership history.

“There’s a tipping point for everything. We saw it with [former Mayor] Lori Lightfoot, and now, it seems Johnson might just be following in her ill-fated footsteps,” he cautioned.

So, here we are: In a city besieged by crime, its mayor has chosen to wage war on… automakers. It seems in today’s Chicago, it’s easier to blame cars than confront criminals.


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