Chicago mayor sends police to pound on church doors during service

Photo credit: Cornerstone Baptist Church via Facebook

A recent stunt by leftist lesbian Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot shows how liberal officials are always one crisis away from uniformed thuggery: Lightfoot recently dispatched five police cars, two unmarked, along with a representative from the mayor’s office, to shut down a Chicago church service.

Courtney Lewis, pastor of Cornerstone Baptist Church, was in the middle of his sermon when he heard banging on front doors, Todd Starnes reports. It was the police.

Pastor Lewis said the police were there to shut down their Sunday services. It was “like the Soviet-style KGB,” he said.

“The only thing she hasn’t done yet is beat the doors down and arrest our members,” the pastor said.

Lewis recalled that the men of the church were instructed not to open the doors during the services — per protocol. The officers were in fact denied entry.

“Thankfully our doors were locked as a normal safety precaution we take each service to protect our members from the escalating gun violence in Chicago,” the pastor said.

A church usher typically stationed outside the building during the services saw the mayor’s men attempt to enter the building and began taking photographs. An individual in an unmarked car with tinted windows was also witnessed filming and photographing church members as they arrived to worship.

Rev. Lewis wrote a Letter of Grievance to U.S. Attorney John Lausch asking for help and protection against the city’s Democrat mayor and her uniformed thugs. He said the church is striving to follow CDC guidelines with online services, outdoor services and social distancing. All church members have their temperatures taken before entering the sanctuary.

Pastor Lewis said Christian pastors are under attack in Chicago. “All we are seeking is the same consideration and trust that is being tendered toward the liquor stores, abortion clinics and Walmart,” he told the Todd Starnes Show.


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