Chicago Mayor Unleashes Fury Against Right-Wing Extremists

Migrants are being housed at Chicago's O'Hare International Airport. (Image by Midjourney)

In bustling Chicago, a storm is brewing.

Already pulsating with a myriad of crimes (19 people shot last night, two fatally), Chicago has become a haven for migrants, with an average of eight buses arriving daily. Those arrivals are now being pushed into the confines of police stations and the sprawling O’Hare Airport.

But as Mayor Brandon Johnson prepares for his emergency trip to the southern border to halt the flow, a question looms like a dark cloud over the city: Is Mayor Johnson truly prepared to navigate through this storm?

With the cold winds of winter approaching, threatening to turn the tent encampments into frigid havens of suffering, Mayor Johnson is scrambling, running out of backup plans to fix the migrant situation.

With no foreseeable solution in sight, Johnson has now chosen to direct his venom against conservatives of the Republican Party: “The real disconnect is that you have an unclean spirit that has captured the right-wing extremists in this country.”

He called upon them to “dig deeper and lean on their faith.”

He invoked the words of Jesus to remind them of their duty to help their neighbors left on the roadside, as if being attacked by robbers and left beaten on the side of the road (the Bible) is the same as harboring criminals overtaking America’s third largest city.

Yet, amidst the fury and frustration, the city is urging residents and community groups to donate so these illegals can have a place to sleep, eat, and be housed comfortably in their sanctuary city.

The mayor has not disclosed a date for his border trip, leaving the city in suspended anticipation.

But as a side note to these liberal mayors visiting the southern border to try and convince migrants to avoid their maxed-out cities (Chicago’s Johnson and NYC’s Adams), let me say this:

It’s too late. You’re wasting your time.

These migrants now have family members swimming in your soup, and they don’t give two hoots that your city is maxed out. They’re coming, by the thousands, even without the help of Texas Governor Greg Abbott or those “right-wing extremists.”


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