Chicago pastor calls for parents to reject New York Times’ ‘1619 Project’

Latasha Fields, co-pastor of Our Report Ministries explains why religious Americans should reject the idea that slavery is what defines the nation on ‘Fox & Friends.’

A noted Chicago pastor came out strongly on Fox & Friends Weekend against a New York Times effort to rewrite the entire history of the United States as one shaped by and permanently twisted by slavery.

According to Wikipedia, the 1619 Project “aims to reframe the country’s history by placing the consequences of slavery and the contributions of black Americans at the very center of [the United States’] national narrative.” The Wikipedia article states that the project has drawn criticism and sparked debate among many historians for “putting ideology before historical understanding.”

“We all know that slavery is definitely an appalling part of our nation’s history, but we have to be the repairers of the breach. We have to bring restoration, we have to move forward,” Latasha Fields, co-pastor of Our Report Ministries & Publications, said Saturday on FOX.

Fields said parents need to reject the premise and teachings of the project. She is a member of “1776 Unites,” a project started earlier this year by African American civil rights activist Robert Woodson as a positive alternative to the 1619 Project, which was awarded the Pulitzer Prize.

Fields acknowledged that some forms of racism and discrimination still exist in the country, and said that education should “expose the ugliness of slavery.”

However, she went on, “These flaws that America have, they don’t define who I am as an individual, and it should not define America any further and so we should hold fast to the truth, the spirit of truth and freedom that is etched in our founding documents, and that’s why I believe all of us and especially the body of Christ, we should definitely reject this narrative that somehow America is innated with this racism.”

Her Wall Street Journal op-ed, “God, Parents, and the ‘1619 Project,'” comes days after President Trump said his administration is looking into the use of the 1619 Project in schools and warning that institutions that teach it could lose federal funding.


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