China-born U.S. professor’s coronavirus jab hits a big nerve in China

Professor Liu Yunjie's Facebook account is now restricted for viewing, but his controversial post was captured by Chinese outlet Beijing Daily , which reported the outcry yesterday

It looks like some of the harshest criticism of China is coming not from “racist” U.S. presidents, but from accomplished Americans of Chinese origin or who are ethnically Chinese.

Mailonline reports that a San Francisco-based music professor is being targeted for abuse by people and authorities in China after sharing a “meme” picture of the Chinese flag that links the country – accurately – with the COVID-19 virus.

In the image shared on Facebook, the flag bears caricature of the actual virus in place of its largest yellow star, and also bears the word “coronavirus” and the stamp “made in China.”

Shanghai-born professor Liu Yunjie, also known as Jay Liu, called the meme “very appropriate” after a friend questioned the decency of his Facebook post, according to a report.

His answer, in Chinese: “[The purpose] is to let the whole world know. Otherwise, they will shift the blame to America.”

Liu’s Facebook page is now restricted, but the provocative post was captured by Beijing Daily, which reported the controversy yesterday.

On Wednesday President Trump three times called the coronavirus “the Chinese virus” despite official warnings from China.

It also comes as one of Liu’s friends, American-Chinese violinist Jiang Yiwen, was let go from a Chinese college after referring to Chinese people as “pigs” in a social media response to Prof Liu. Liu is the Professor of Viola at San Francisco Conservatory of Music and also serves as the Associate Principal at San Francisco Symphony.

The musician’s post sparked an outcry among Chinese social media users, who labelled him as an “er gui zi,” a derogatory expression for someone who betrays their own country.


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