China installing security cameras pointed at people’s front doors

The picture shows a surveillance camera mounted on the wall outside the home of a journalist placed under quarantine at his Beijing home on May 3 after he had visited Wuhan. China is stepping up its 'big-brother' state surveillance to prevent a second wave of coronavirus cases

China, that laboratory of large-scale statist control, continues to show what could wait in the future for a United States that hands over control to leftist politicians and ideology, especially in a pandemic situation.

Officials in China have started to install surveillance cameras just outside people’s homes on the pretext of preventing a second wave of coronavirus cases, MailOnline reports.

People in home isolation in Beijing say the government had mounted devices pointed directly at their front doors to discourage them from trying to leave home. Security guards, janitors and neighbors have allegedly also been told to keep tabs on those in quarantine.

Though the state newspaper claims the measures are only for curbing COVID-19, there are fears that Beijing could use the pandemic as grounds for expanding its high-tech mass surveillance.

In one Beijing residential compound, officials told AFP that people under home quarantine must inform community volunteers whenever they so much as open the door.

Friederike Boege, a German journalist, began her second quarantine in Beijing this year on Sunday after returning from Hubei’s capital Wuhan. Her building’s management installed a camera in front of her door to monitor her movements. “It’s quite scary how you get used to such things,” she told AFP.

During Boege’s previous quarantine experience in March after coming home from Thailand, she was reported to building management by a cleaner for going downstairs to take out the trash. People under home quarantine elsewhere in the city have had silent electronic alarms installed on their doors. Officials put up a notice on each quarantined household’s door asking neighbors to inform on the confined people within.


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