Chino Valley’s Parental Notification Policy Sparks Fiery Debate: Shaw Vows to Fight On

Despite a California court ruling temporarily blocking a parental notification policy in Chino Valley, Sonja Shaw, the school board president, said she remains committed to fighting for parental rights.

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The policy would have allowed school personnel to inform parents if their child adopts a different name or pronoun than their given gender at birth.

The policy meant to encourage parental involvement with their child has been under fire by trans activists for months.

Those critics claim that it risks “outing” trans and non-binary students to their families, a claim that presumes parents can’t handle or understand their own children’s identities.

State Attorney General Rob Bonta has vehemently opposed the measure, labeling it “illegal and dangerous.” He initiated legal proceedings against the school district last month to halt its implementation.

In a knee-jerk reaction on September 13, a San Bernardino Superior Court judge issued a temporary restraining, effectively nullifying the recently enacted rule in Chino Valley Unified.

Judge Thomas Garz granted a temporary restraining order against this policy, describing it as “too broad, too general” and lacking a “clear purpose or reference of parental support and involvement.”

One might retort that his court ruling is also “too broad, too general” and lacking a “clear purpose.”

During her Newsmax appearance, Shaw expressed her dissatisfaction with the restraining order and the state’s intervention in what she sees as a necessary policy to involve parents more closely in their children’s lives.

She lamented the current state of affairs, saying, “It’s absolutely insane that we are actually at this point,” she said on Newsmax’s “National Report.”

Shaw, who previously identified herself as a “day-to-day parent” before joining the board, feels this case might escalate to higher courts.

“This is about taking a stand against what we see as an overreach by Sacramento, which is waging a war on our kids. We knew the challenges going into this fight, and we are prepared to see it through,” Shaw added.

As the nation watches, the case, scheduled for a hearing on October 13, promises to be more than just a court case. It’s a testament to the battle for the heart and soul of parental rights, child safety, and the sanctity of family in an ever-politicized landscape.


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