Christian Action Network releases video exposing After School Satan Clubs

Shocking video should deter any parent or school board from allowing After School Satan Clubs in their public elementary schools.

Think about it: After School Satan Clubs in elementary schools.

Do we really have to spend time criticizing this absurd and poisonous idea? What’s next? After School Bestiality Clubs? Ted Bundy Fan clubs? Drag Queen clubs? Why not? If Satan clubs are permitted, why not allow other clubs that embody Satan?

No. A Satan club is a bad idea. Let’s move on.

But unfortunately, we can’t.

We now live in the 21st century, where logic and common sense no longer intersect. So, we must debate whether After School Satan Clubs are appropriate for 5–12-year-olds in elementary schools.

That question should be a no-brainer. But instead, it has to be carefully studied, dissected, hashed out, mulled, scrutinized and deliberated.

Hey! Wake up! This is Satan we’re talking about…for 5-12-year-olds. Enough said.

Christian Action Network has just produced and released a video exposing The Satanic Temple and its planned perversion for elementary students.

For those unacquainted with this literally hellish news topic, The Satanic Temple, headquartered in Salem, Massachusetts (of course) has launched a nationwide campaign to enroll Lucifer into After School programs targeting elementary students.

There’s nothing linear about this story. You can’t go from point A to point B and hope to understand it.

Instead, it’s a grimy, murky story laced with lies, deceptions, slight-of-hands, half-truths, doublespeak, legal threats, and brilliantly conceived underhanded schemes.

Using devious and strong-arm tactics, The Satanic Temple has achieved remarkable success at getting After School Satan Clubs into a handful of public elementary schools, with schools in Utah, California, Ohio, Washington, Illinois, Virginia, Colorado, and Oregon among them.

Christian Action Network will produce DVD copies of its documentary film and distribute them to school board members that have accepted or are considering placing the After School Satan Club in their school districts.

If you want a DVD copy of this film to watch at home or help distribute, please call our office at 434-237-8201.


  1. So basically you made up a bunch of lies about the club because you want to keep children from learning how to think for themselves.

  2. Funny how you took down the parts in the original video that claimed that the “Coloring Book For Grown Ups” was from the Satanist Coloring Book. Guess you didn’t want to get sued.

    • So, everything in the video is true. Funny too, how The Satanic Temple thinks a couple of pictures from the Coloring Book For Grown Ups is more outrageous than such depictions as a live baby being stuffed into the oven with the caption, “Happy Atheist Thanksgiving,” and another of a Barbie doll carrying a newborn baby in a grocery bag that is described as “lunch.” I could go on. But hey, you guys found a mistake that was immediately corrected and within 10 hours of posting, so why not use it? It’s all you have.

        • The video doesn’t accuse the Satanist coloring book of having these pictures. These macabre pictures are postings by The Satanic Temple’s Rose Bastet, the satanic minister overseeing the After School Satan Club at B.M. Williams Primary school. Watch the video before sounding off.


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