Christian Ministries Give Other View on Illegal Alien Holding Centers

Border protection agents work to round up illegal aliens, and centers are overcrowded because of the caravan waves. Meanwhile, as a Democratic Party controlled House restricts funds, Democrats blame Republican President Donald Trump for facility hardships real and imagined. (Washington Times photo)

The Christian Post – Competing narratives on how immigrant children are being treated in border facilities continue to emerge as a group of evangelical pastors and Democrat members of Congress reflected Monday on what they saw during separate border visits.  

Samuel Rodriguez, president of the National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference, told reporters Monday that he is saddened by the misinformation published in the media last week about the conditions facing detained migrant children temporarily held at Customs and Border Protection facilities.

On a press call, he explained that he too was shocked last week after reports based on lawyers’ interviews with 60 detained children highlighted terrifying conditions facing children in overcrowded border detention centers in Texas.

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