Christian Professor Sues Over Fact That Transgenderism is a Lie

Shawnee State University issued an official letter of reprimand warning Christian Professor Nicholas Meriwether that he must play along with the delusional charades of a young man pretending to become a woman, obeying the edicts of transgender ideology. (Shawnee State University photo)

Daily Mail – An evangelical Christian professor is suing officials at his small, public university in Ohio after receiving a written warning for violating its nondiscrimination policy by not addressing a transgender student using the gender terms preferred by that student.

Nicholas Meriwether filed a federal lawsuit on November 5 against officials at Shawnee State University in Portsmouth, roughly 85 miles south of Columbus. He contends they violated his rights by compelling him to speak in a way that contradicts his religious beliefs as a Christian.

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  1. Transgender-ism is a lie and every rational thinking person on our planet knows it… and perhaps even a few irrational people too. The Left and their radical supporters have weaponized ever possible faction and cultural deviancy and declared each a “protected minority”.The Left’s purpose is to stir up chaos and division in the body politic to serve their own Marxist agenda. The agenda? To destroy through infighting, ignorance and shallow understanding the foundations of our government and the protections afforded by our Constitution that protect “Free Speech”. They cannot and will not tolerate “Free Speech” because it establishes a platform for rational public debate, a platform upon which they are unwilling to stand “uncontested” and where the truth defeats all of their baseless arguments. “Political Correctness” or the so called right to “Not to Be Offended” have no place in civil discourse and are not protected in any way shape or form under our Constitution. “Free Speech” on the other hand remains a Constitutional protected Right. Professor Meriwether has merely stepped up to the plate and called out the sophistry foisted upon all who have chosen to cower under the political threats of the LEFT, and like the boy in the fable declared: ” The emperor has no clothes!” (If you are unfamiliar with the fable look it up) He has gone one step further however and stated: “It’s a BOY!” which is not all that difficult when faced with the naked assaults of the truly “Perverted LEFT” and their very confused followers. Long live Freedom of Speech!! Long live the TRUTH!!! Screw the Emperors of the Left… and the political shifting quicksands upon which they slither, and their sinking supporters.


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