Christian statues under attack!

A statute of Jesus was found beheaded and knocked off its pedestal at The Good Shepherd Catholic Church. The vandalized statue is shown here, moved indoors, after the incident

Liberal “protesters” – incensed at their lack of political power and increasingly proving to be mere vandals, fanatics and textbook hate-criminals – are now going after Christian symbols of peace, love and forgiveness.

A statue of Jesus Christ in the courtyard of a South Florida church was beheaded and knocked down, a crime being investigated by the Miami-Dade police and the Department of Homeland Security. The statue was destroyed between July 14 and 15 at Good Shepherd Catholic Church in West Kendall, Fla.

Meanwhile, the New York Post reports that in the Northeast, vandals targeted two statues of the Virgin Mary over the weekend of July 19. In Elmhurst, Queens: the word “IDOL” was spray-painted in black on a statue of Mary outside the Cathedral Preparatory School and Seminary on 92nd Street.

In Dorchester, Mass., a Mary statue outside of Saint Peter’s Parish sustained fire damage to its face, hands and arms. Fr. John Currie, the pastor, said he was “disappointed” by the attack, explaining, “Our image of our lady is so important to us in our faith.”

Of the Florida crime, Mary Ross Agosta, a spokeswoman for the Archdiocese of Miami, told the Miami Herald: “This is an attack on the church. This is not only private property, it is sacred property.” The head of the Florida statue was found on the ground on the morning of July 15, she said. The statue itself had also been knocked off its pedestal.

“This is not something you can trip over and say, ‘Oh, sorry,'” she said. “Someone did this intentionally.”

She said surveillance video has been handed over to police. The Archdiocese of Miami told the news station that its members expect authorities to “Investigate this desecration as a hate crime.”


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