Christians Near Extinct in Iraq, Remnant Faces Martyrdom

Shattered remains arranged amidst the ruins of a church in Iraq illustrates the genocidal persecution of Christians that through mass-executions and forced migrations reduced the Iraqi Christian population from 1.5 million to about 250,000 today. (CNN photo)

BBC News – The Archbishop of Irbil, the capital of Iraqi Kurdistan, has accused Britain’s Christian leaders of failing to do enough in defence of the vanishing Christian community in Iraq. In an impassioned address in London, the Rt Rev Bashar Warda said Iraq’s Christians now faced extinction after 1,400 years of persecution.

Since the US-led invasion toppled the regime of Saddam Hussein in 2003, he said, the Christian community had dwindled by 83%, from around 1.5 million to just 250,000.

“Christianity in Iraq,” he said, “one of the oldest Churches, if not the oldest Church in the world, is perilously close to extinction. Those of us who remain must be ready to face martyrdom.”

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