Church of St. George Target of Yet Another Jihadist Attack in Egypt

Egyptian police and media are criticized for false reporting on an old man with mental health problems being the attacker at St. Georges Church in Cairo. Christian witnesses say a young jihadist shouting Allah Akbars entered the church through a side room where baking is done, struck a baker on the head with an iron rod and struck another man who intervened. ( photo)

Express News – Christians in Egypt were attacked during a prayer service by a man wielding a “sharp tool” and shouting Islamic slogans. According to Egyptian Sunday newspaper Watani, based in Cairo, and human rights NGO International Christian Concern (ICC), two people were injured in the violence, which is the latest in a string of anti-Christian attacks.

ICC said a 22-year-old man injured two Christians who were attending the Church of St George in the Egyptian capital. The man is said to have been shouting Islamic slogans before police rushed to the scene and arrested him.

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