City Rips Down Church’s Sign After Legal Battle by Atheist Group

Jesus Christ Open Alter Church trustee Mark McDonald said police notified him that the church sign had been removed. “The city employees destroyed our church property, pulled up our crosses and destroyed everything,” McDonald said Friday. (KLTV photo)

The Christian Post – A church’s welcome sign in Hawkins, Texas, is no longer on display following a lengthy legal battle with the nation’s largest atheist group. The sign, “Jesus Welcomes You to Hawkins,” was taken down June 28.

In 2015, the Freedom From Religion Foundation claimed to city officials that the sign delivered a message that it “prefers Christianity over other religions.”

They called for the sign’s removal, and in the four years that followed the city of Hawkins and the church, on whose property the sign was located, were locked in a legal battle. . . “The sign … was put up in 2015 in front of a Hawkins coffeehouse, on property owned by Jesus Christ Open Altar Church.

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